Army Chief’s statement is absolute accordance with Two-Nation Theory: LeT


Lashkar-e-Taiba on Saturday termed the statement of Indian Army Chief, Bipin Rawat as an ‘absolute accordance with Two-Nation Theory’.

LeT spokesman, Dr Abdullah Ghaznawi quoted the outfit chief, Mahmood Shah, said “It is the same theory upon which the partition of the subcontinent took place. The issue of Jammu Kashmir relies on the same theory whereas the same theory is prevailing throughout India.”

Shah said “as far as the fighting and resistance is concerned, the world is very well aware of the ritualistic terror acts of Indian forces, their atrocities on the innocent men, women, children and elders alike, molestation and rapes of women, killings of cattle, and damage to the properties, all are evident that no one is safe from India’s atrocities.”

“Despite India’s severe atrocities and war crimes, we are resilient and struggling against illegal Indian occupation since seven decades. The youth are going through sacrifices on every nook and corner of Jammu Kashmir. The history is evident to the claim that no land succumbs to the slavery of occupiers where the youth sacrifices with their blood,” he said.

Shah said that “the freedom of Jammu Kashmir will not only be the freedom of Kashmiris but also of those who are oppressed in India. The Modi government is very well aware of this nightmare.”

“The same way the India’s atrocities and war crimes enabled the Kashmiris to resist the illegal occupation; India itself will witness such movements emerging within against India’s cruelties and human rights violations. The chanting of slogans of freedom in the Ali Garh Muslim University is evident to this claim,” he said.

Shah further said that “Bipin Rawat should worry about themselves and their poor plight.

We know how to fight. But India will never be able to react against such fight if it ever reached out to Delhi. Uptill now, we have only asked our due and fundamental right of freedom. We have never embarked upon any fight outside Jammu Kashmir. But Bipin Rawat’s statement has sought us to rethink our strategy.”


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