Buddha Purnima being celebrated in Ladakh Region with traditional fervour and gaiety


Buddha Purnima is being celebrated in Ladakh Region of Jammu and Kashmir with traditional fervour and gaiety. Tableaux depicting the life of Lord Buddha amid playing musical instruments by monks and musicians will be taken out in Leh.

Entire Leh town has worn a festive mood today as people are commemorating the Buddha Purnima with religious and traditional gaiety. Ladakh, which is commonly known as land gonpa has also turned into colourful through hinging of five colour made prayer flags almost everywhere like on streets, roads, religious places and rooftop of residential houses.

To mark the auspicious occasion of Lord Buddha, the religious procession which is known as Bum Skor is being organised in Leh town later this morning. The teachings of Lord Buddha are taken out and teachings and philosophy are presented through tableaux. Ladakh Buddhist Association is also organising blood donation camp during the celebrations of Buddha Purnima.


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