For and on behalf of Governor of J&K state, Tenders are invited by the Executive Engineer,
Irrigation Division, Akhnoor by e – tendering mode on a percentage basis from approved and eligible contractors registered with J&K State Govt./CPWD/MES /Railways for the following work.

1. Date of publishing from 23-06-2015 at 1400 Hrs.
2. The bidding documents can be downloaded from the Website  from 09.00 A.M. on 24-06-2015 to 30-0
6. The bid of the work shall remain valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of a bid and the lowest quoted rates shall be valid for the year 2015-16.
7. The Earnest Money shall be forfeited, if:-
i) Any bidder/tenderer withdraws his bid/tender during the period of bid validity or
makes any modification in the terms and conditions of the bid.
ii) Failure of the successful bidder to furnish the required performance security within the
specified time limit
iii) Failure of the successful bidder to execute the agreement within 21 days after fixation of contract.
8. Instruction to bidders regarding e-tendering process
i) Bidders are advised to download submission manual from the Download option as well
from Bidders Manual Kit on the website  to acquaint bid submission process.
ii) To participate in the bidding process, bidders have to get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) as per Information Technology Act-2000. Bidders can get a digital certificate from any approved vendors.
iii) The bidders have to submit their bid online in electronic format with digital signature No
financial bid will be accepted in physical from.
iv) The bid will be opened online as per time schedule mentioned at S. No. 2.
Note:- Scan all the documents on 100 dipi with a black and white option.
9. The department will not be responsible for the delay in online submission due to any reasons.
10. Scanned copy of demand draft non-refundable on a/c of cost of tender documents together with 2% E/M of the total cost of work in the form of CDR/FDR must be both uploaded and original ones be submitted in the office of the Executive Engineer Irrigation Division Akhnoor before due date of submission of bid on-line along with hard copy of registration card, pan card, sale Tax clearance certificate.
11. Price Escalation and Taxes: – The rates shall be quoted by the bidder entirely in Indian Rupees and the rates quoted shall be deemed to include price escalation and all taxes upto completion of the work unless otherwise specified. Deduction on account of taxes shall be made from the bills of the firms on the gross amount of the bill as per the rates prevailing at the time of recovery.
12. The Executive Engineer Irrigation Division Akhnoor reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders in part or in full without assigning any season thereof.
i) The firm/Contractor should quote his rates keeping in mind all the expected escalation in
the year 2015-16 No price escalation in respect of material, machinery, equipment,
Labour, POL etc shall be entertained to the successful tenderers during the period of
execution of work. The department material shall be issued to the contractor on cash
payment as under i.e. Cement @ Rs. 420/Bag & steel @ Rs. 58/kg.
ii) The bidder at his own responsibility and risk should visit and examine the site of work
and its surroundings before submission of bid.
iii) No charges on account of dewatering/ Diversion, if any, shall be paid to the contractor.
No extra lead, lift and carriage whatever advertised shall be paid to the contractor.
iv) After the opening of tenders, if it is found that the rates quoted by the lowest tenderer are less by 15% or more of the advertised amount, the contractor shall have to provide an additional security of 5% of advertised amount in shape of FDR/CDR.
v) If any Typographical error/omissions in respect of rates & Qty. are found in rate list, the same shall be corrected as per sanctioned schedule of rates 2012
13. Bidders are advised to use “My Documents” area to upload their e-tendering portal to store such document as are required.
14. The tender/bid is liable to rejection if it does not fulfill the requirements as laid down in NIT.
15. All other terms and conditions are as per PWD form 25 (Double agreement form)
16. The requisite quality tests are to be got conducted by the contractor from a Govt.
authorized laboratory at his own cost and no charges shall be paid on account of the same.
17. Royalty shall be deducted from the contractor’s payment at source.
18. The tenderers must quoted rates in percentage above or below SSR of 2012.
19. The tenderers are required to submit their tenders on-line along with other documents and hardcopy in separate envelopes as prescribed here under:-
i) The 1st envelope shall contain photo-state copy of his registration Card/Certificate, duly
renewed for the year 2015-16, photo-copies of PAN Card & Demand Draft in favour of Executive Engineer Irrigation Division Akhnoor on account of cost of tender document, 2% earnest money in the shape of CDR/FDR pledged in favour of the tender accepting authority and photocopy of up to date sales tax clearance certificate.
ii) The 2nd envelope shall contain the duly filled bill of quantities Viz name of contractor and his quoted percentage rate i.e. above or below SSR 2012 the 2nd envelop shall be opened in respect of those contractors only who full fill the requisite formalities relating to the envelope 1st
For & on behalf of the Governor of J&k State.

Dated: – Executive Engineer
Irrigation Division


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