People excluded from final NRC draft list in Assam can vote as long as their name is on electoral rolls: OP Rawat


Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat today said people who were excluded from the final NRC draft list in Assam can vote as long as their name is on the electoral rolls.

Mr. Rawat told PTI that an exclusion from this list would not automatically result in their removal from the electoral rolls as registration of voters is decided by the election laws. The NRC and electoral rolls are very different, he added.

The Chief Election Commissioner said people will have to satisfy the electoral registration officers that they are citizens of India to be part of the voter list and they can use documents available with them to support their claim.

Mr. Rawat said there can be a person who has not applied for the NRC in Assam but may be living there for a few years for job or for studies.

Explaining further, Mr. Rawat said, he is a citizen of India working in Delhi and is transferred to Assam where he is now living for the past two years and has applied with documents to be included in the electoral roll.

The electoral registration officer, after checking the veracity of the document, includes his name because he is an Indian citizen, though he is not in the NRC, he added.


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