Private sectors of India, US and Japan have key role in development of Indo-pacific region


The private sectors from India, US and Japan have a key role in the development of infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region.

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for South Asia Thomas Vajda said the private sector played a central role in developing the connectivity and networks that promote prosperity. He welcomed the recent initiative of US Chambers of Commerce to create Indo-Pacific Infrastructure Trilateral Forum, which brings together private sector companies from India, the US and Japan for building infrastructure in the region.

US India Business Council (USIBC) and US-Japan Business Council (USJBC) launched Indo-Pacific Infrastructure Trilateral Forum early this week. The Forum will help in supporting quality, best value, and sustainable infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific region.

In April, Acting Assistant Secretaries from the South Asian and East Asian Bureaus travelled to New Delhi for a successful US-India-Japan Trilateral Dialogue.


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