Srinagar’s Nageen Lake: Deep blue like emerald


Nageen Lake in Srinagar is a deep blue water offshoot lake of Dal Lake that is interconnected by a thin causeway. The lake is located to the east of the city of Srinagar, at the foothill of the Zabarwan Mountain. The Shankaracharya Hill on the south and Hari Parbat on the west enclose the Nagin Lake offers breathtaking views to the visitors. It is flanked by beautiful willow and poplar trees. Good numbers of houseboats and shikaras can be seen in Nagin Lake where tourists enjoy their peaceful vacations in Srinagar. Unlike Dal Lake, Nagin Lake is a calm, serene and peaceful getaway for those who want to spend holiday in sheer nature. Apart from houseboat staying and shikara ride, tourists can also enjoy water skiing, motor rides and sailing over there.


The Nageen Lake is surrounded by a large number of willow and poplar trees. Hence, it has come to be referred as a “nageena”, which means “the jewel in the ring”. The word “nigeen” is a local variant of the same word.


The lake is located adjacent to the Hari Parbat hillock, to the west of the Dal Lake. To its north and west, lie the localities of Baghwanpora and Lal Bazar while to its north east lies the locality of Hazratbal, which is known for the famous shrine.

Present Status

The lake is a major tourist attraction in Srinagar, known for its relatively pristine waters as compared to the Dal Lake. Houseboats and shikaras are a usual sight. It’s also ideal for swimming, being deeper and less crowded than the Dal Lake.

However, as is the problem with other water bodies in the Kashmir Valley, the lake also suffers from encroachments which are deteriorating its water quality and also increasing the risk of floods. As such, the government of Jammu and Kashmir is engaged in taking steps to help improve the condition of the lake and restore it to its original glory.


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