This 7 yrs old Boy raked $22 million from Youtube; Highest in 2018


After YouTube faced a severe backlash from conservatives who claimed that their content was heavily suppressed by the video-sharing platform, a seven-year-old boy recently earned a staggering $22 million in 2018 alone from the channel that reviews toys and features him playing with them.

Forbes ranked Ryan of Ryan Toys Review as the first in this year’s list of 10 highest paid YouTubers in the world. Ryan, who jumped from eighth place last year to number one this year, surpassed a number of well-known names on the platform and even beat Jake Paul, a 21-year-old actor and YouTube personality who earned $22,500,000 this year.

Ryan’s channel, whose most popular video has a stunning 1.6 billion views, was also a way to share bits of his life with their extended family members, most of whom live outside the US, his father said.

The videos also feature his father, who makes appreciative comments as his son discovers and plays with various types of toys. He said last year that most of Ryan’s viewers are children between the ages of three and seven. While the majority of his fans are located in the US, many live in the UK and the Phillippines. That said, Ryan’s mother quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher after she saw the ringing success with her son’s channel. The seven-year-old’s father works as a structural engineer, Daily Mail reports.


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